Monday, January 31, 2011

Dungeons, Dragons, and Morons

Apparently, the US Supreme court has ruled that Dungeons & Dragons too closely resembles the organization of a gang, and therefore meets the definition of promoting gang activity. (One article here, but there are many others)
I would like to help with this endeavor and suggest some other games that should also be banned from prisons.
  • Monopoly – First of all, the game is about dominating all of the other opponents. Secondly, it teaches the capitalist system.
  • Life – This game not only shows that you have a choice between college and trade school, but it encourages reproduction. It also might encourage the overloading of vehicles when the player has too many kids – this might imply drive-by shootings. The pegs falling out might give the inmate the idea to throw people from a moving vehicle.
  • Mousetrap – self explanatory.
  • Clue – Especially this one. There is a murder every game!
  • Air Hockey – This game resembles a shoot-out as one hits a projectile toward their opponent. Definite gang activity here. (Might also apply to paper football...)
  • Operation – encourages removal of organs and could encourage black market organs transplants as a gang business.
To take it a step further, maybe they should ban playing cards. After all, aren’t spades and clubs weapons?
What other games should be banned from inmates?