Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Stepping out of the boat

As we look upon the current state of affairs in this country, in this state of California, and further into international affairs it is becoming increasingly clear to me that now is not the time to mince words. Now is the time for action - so that others may understand what truth is and what power there is in simple truths.

As I have talked with others, all excitement about the Presidential candidates has drained away.  Voter turnout has gone from the higher numbers in the early primary states, to very low turnout now.  People I have talked to do not want to vote for anyone, preferring to mark nothing, write in "Mickey Mouse", or to simply not show up at the polls.  In this storm of crisis we face, this is not acceptable.

I am far from perfect. No one living on this earth is without flaws. The question is can one person still make an impact on today's bigger political scene? I believe so. With the lack of enthusiasm in the current presidential race, including record low voter turnouts, I believe not only should this theory be put to the test, but it must be put to the test. Therefore, for those who have asked, and those who want a different choice, I have taken the step of allowing myself to be a qualified write-in candidate for President of the United States here in California.

I am not doing this to show how great I am -- far from it.  What I want to do is give people a choice.  I am, as some would say, from "the 99%".  I am one who has virtually no political experience -- which is exactly what we need on the White House now.  We need someone who will lead on principle as they have lived by their principles;  who will protect our freedom and liberty, not their political friends.  The same can not be said of those who currently hold office.

If you are for my candidacy, or against it, let me know. I intend to follow my principles I laid out in my previous posts including answering nearly any question asked of me on any subject.

For reference:
 Thank you for joining with me on this important journey.  I offer myself as an alternative choice, but let us not forget that the goal is to save this country, to help people see their full potential, and to restore truth and honor.  Whoever you vote for, please vote with your eyes wide open.  But most importantly, vote - and vote for all the various positions on this and every ballot in the same manner.  With the way things are now, this is too important an election to stay at home.

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