Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The problems in America

Yesterday, I was on Afternoons Live with Dave Diamond, and I was asked what would I fix as President, what was the number one problem in this country.  After saying there are many problems, I went into a discussion on the economic problems that are caused by our government.

I was wrong.  While this is a major problem in America today, in part it is a symptom of the much bigger problem in America.  This problem goes by the name of Tyranny.

Tyranny - Cruel and oppressive government or rule.  It is what you get when a government goes unchecked.  Whether by sudden overthrow or by slow process, tyranny is not acceptable.

The government these days seems to be great at producing one thing:  red tape.  They seem too be able to build this at an alarming rate, or buy it in bulk on borrowed money.

The absolute first thing that needs to be fixed is to stop the ever encroaching federal government into our lives and give it back to the people.

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